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Filip & Company assisted RCS & RDS in contracting two EUR 150 million credit facilities

Filip & Company assisted RCS & RDS S.A. and the companies in its group, Digi Communications N.V., DIGI Távközlési (the RCS & RDS Hungarian branch), Invitel Távközlési Zrt and DIGI Spain Telecom S.L.U. (the RCS & RDS Spanish branch) to contract two medium-term credit facilities in total amount of EUR 150 million as well as in relation to an incremental facility structure, with a purpose to refinance the existing debt and make further investments. The loan will be granted by a syndicate formed by several banks in Romania and abroad.

Digi is a group that never stops, not even in a year like this one. They are constantly developing something, investing somewhere and innovating, including in what concerns the financing structures they use. These facilities bring a series of new elements that make life easier for such an active company, including from a financial perspective. We are glad to have had a new opportunity to work together as a team. This has always been an excellent experience”, said Alexandru Bîrsan, partner and head of the Corporate and M&A Department at Filip & Company.

The Filip & Company team that assisted RCS & RDS in this project was coordinated by Alexandru Bîrsan (partner) and included Rebecca Marina (associate), Andreea Banică (associate) and Diana Dincă (associate).

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