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Siemens Energy announced investment, supply chain opportunities and jobs in Romania

Siemens Energy, one of the world’s leading energy technology companies, has renewed its commitment to Romania by announcing investment, supply chain opportunities and job creation.

Siemens Energy has a longstanding history with Romania which began in 1905, when the very first electricity company in Bucharest was founded under the Siemens umbrella. 

In 2020, Siemens Energy separated from Siemens AG to become an independent energy technology company focused on leading the energy transition. Today, this company is investing in Romania through job creation and a long-term commitment to help drive the energy transition.

A fruitful collaboration has long existed and continues to exist between the Ministry of Energy and Siemens Energy in Romania. The opening of the competence hub covering Europe, Middle East and Africa is a new milestone to further develop our relationship. I trust the newly recruited young engineers will show the world what Romanians are capable of when they set their mind to it. And I hope that new opportunities for development and collaboration will also be created in the near future” said Energy Minister Virgil Popescu at the opening of the new Siemens Energy offices in Romania.

We are an independent energy company, focused on transforming energy security and leading the energy transition. With a wide portfolio of products, solutions and services, Siemens Energy covers the entire energy value chain – from energy generation and transport to storage. It’s important that we bring people along with us on this journey and that includes creating and safe-guarding jobs for the long-term. We are so proud that Siemens Energy is developing a competence hub here in Romania with 450 jobs created so far” said Petru Ruset, Managing Director for Romania at Siemens Energy.

Our aim is to become a world-leading competence hub for Siemens Energy and create a modern, inclusive, diverse, and healthy working environment. We have the mission to empower customers all over the world to meet the growing global demand for energy, while transitioning to a more sustainable world, ensuring our climate is protected. We know we cannot do this alone and must continue to collaborate with partners as we strive for sustainability in our decarbonization journey.” 

For this, the company committed to leasing 7,500 sqm for the next 10 years in a 100% sustainable building at One Cotroceni Park, in Bucharest, for the new offices of the company in Romania.

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