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Auchan, prepared for SGR: The retailer has already collected 32 million packages nationwide

Auchan Romania stores are ready for the start of the Warranty - Return System, a program that comes into force on November 30.

The retailer, the first to enter the recycling era, offered customers the opportunity to bring used packaging for collection and recycling to specially arranged points equipped with automatic collection machines (RVM) as early as April this year. Thus, to date, Auchan has already collected 32 million packages nationwide. Packaging with the Packaging with Guarantee symbol can be brought to all Auchan stores, and in parallel, Auchan continues bonus actions with 50 money per package for customers who bring packaging without the specific symbol, the amount being offered in the form of a voucher granted on the basis MyCLUB Auchan loyalty card.

The collection system for plastic, metal and glass packaging is already available to customers in stores, with Auchan supporting them since April, when the retailer installed RVM (reverse vending machine) machines and offered vouchers worth 50 money for each package collected, through the MyCLUB Auchan loyalty card. This solution was implemented in time for as many citizens as possible to test and get used to such a system for the systematic recycling of beverage packaging.

"Practically, the Guarantee - Return System has been working for us for over 7 months thanks to a joint effort of all our teams, whom we thank in this way for the exemplary involvement they have shown, but also to Auchan customers, who have been particularly responsive in adopting a responsible consumption behavior. We are glad that they understood the importance of recycling, contributing to the start of the largest circular economy project in Romania. Thus, at the national level, we have already collected, to date, an impressive number of 32 million packages, investing over 16 million lei in the rewards offered for recycling, together with our partners. We congratulate RetuRO and all the associations involved in this essential step for the environment for all the work done and also the Ministry of the Environment for the extraordinary initiative. From now on, we count on the high level of responsibility of our customers, whom we encourage to recycle as much as possible", said Corina Dospinoiu, Auchan Retail Romania Sustainability Director.

With the start of the national program, the two types of packaging, with and without the Packaging with Guarantee symbol, can be received at the same collection points, but at different machines, in the following Auchan stores, regardless of where the products were originally purchased: Baia Mare, Brașov Coresi, Vitan, Roadul Taberei, Berceni, Cluj Iulius, Cluj Iris, Constanța Sud, Constanța Nord, Craiovița, Craiova Electroputere, Oradea, Pitesti Găvana, Târgu Mureș Nord, Târgu Mureș Sud, Timișoara Nord, Timișoara Iulius and Timișoara South, in specially arranged recycling points. For the packaging with the Packaging with Guarantee symbol, 50 money per package will be given, in the first phase, directly through the ticket issued by the machines and which can be used for shopping in any Auchan store (except stores in Petrom stations). 

As the products with the Packaging with Guarantee symbol enter the stores, the cash guarantee will be returned to customers, and in parallel, the campaigns with benefits through the MyCLUB Auchan loyalty card will continue for those who recycle packaging without the specific symbol, according to the information and regulations published by the merchant.

A pioneer in recycling, Auchan is also the first retailer to introduce, in 2011, in several of its stores, RVM-type machines for the recovery of PETs, constantly carrying out social and economic responsibility actions over the years circular to protect the planet.

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