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The champions of the courier industry acknowledged at the “Romanian Courier Business Awards 2015” Gala.

Bucharest, November 12th 2015- The second edition of the Courier Award Gala brought together  companies which are known both nationally and internationally and had, as its principal purpose, the recognition of merits for all those who made an impact in the field. The winners of the evening were: Fan Courier, Sameday Courier, Speedy, Mastercard, Total Technologies, Posta Romana, Ford, DHL International , DPD Romania. 

A society that wishes to  develop itself  continuously must recognize the merits of those which form the base of its foundation. Therefore the performances of those in the courier industry must be recognized, as is the case with every area of business and industry which is  indispensable for the well functioning of a nation. This was, in fact, the purpose of the gala, and, there were many good surprises throughout the course of the event, as it quickly became obvious that there had been much effort on the part of firms to better or maintain the results they had gotten thus far.

The business with the greatest growth rate

Winner: Sameday Courier- which had a 50 percent raise in turnover performance in 2014 compared to 2013.This amounted to approximately 1,5 million EUR and a net profit of 100,000 EUR.

In February, Sameday became the first Romanian fast courier operator listed in the Romanian Stock Market and the first Romanian company listed on the AeRO platform of BVB.

Nominees: Fan Courier; GLS; Sameday Courier.

Deal of the year

Winner: Speedy- for the investment in DPD Romania. The greatest courier in Bulgaria signed a contract with GeoPost, subsidiary of La Poste, for the acquisition of DPD Romania and DPD Bulgaria. The Romanian courier company therefore joined the race for the number one position in the Balkan courier market, until 2020.

Investment of the year 

Winner: FAN Courier, for opening the regional hub in Brasov. 

The 5 million EUR investment in the second  FAN Courier regional hub in Brasov was planned a year before; construction started in June and completion is due spring of 2016. The allotted funds are destined for the acquisition of the land and the construction of the new center, which includes the creation of a transit area and recruiting and training of approximately 200 people. The land has a surface of 26,800 square meters. It includes a warehouse of 3,500 square meters and a building of over 1,800 square meters. After the finalisation of construction it is estimated that the volume of merchandise to transit Brasov will double. This particular city was chosen because it is the second regional center, after Bucharest, and an important node when it comes to transport and courier services.

Nominees: FAN Courier, UPS Romania

Innovation in courier services

Winner: MasterCard- Courier company Urgent Cargus and MasterCard launched the first project involving payment by credit card upon delivery. By the end of the project's implementation all couriers will be equipped with mobile POS'.

Technology supplier in courier services

Winner: Total Technologies, an IT company specialized in the integration of barcode equipment, which offers clients complete pick up and automatic processing solutions through applications such as: warehouse inventory, fixed means inventory, traceability in production, tracking goods through the entire distribution process, automating retail operations.

Nominees: MasterCard; Smart ID; Total Technologies

Best website

Winner: Posta Romana- the most spectacular evolution of a website in the course of a year.

Nominees: FAN Courier, Posta Romana, Sameday

Best web application 

Winner: Self AWB by FAN Courier - An application developed on customer demand. It is speedy and has total transparency, as the customer is able to follow the entire journey of the package and know if it has been delivered or if it is awaiting delivery( for instance, in the case where the one the package is supposed to go to is not at home). The data base is created in such a way that customers can create their own such necessary tool through importing their personal data base or configuring a new one. 

Nominees: Self AWB by FAN Courier, LOKKO by Sameday.

Courier car of the year

Winner: Ford Transit- the best courier car out of the small to medium size cars category which do not go over 3,5 tons.

Nominees: Dacia Logan Van, Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Mercedes Vito

Social Impact program of the year

Winner: DHL International for GoGreen program- DHL International Ro, through the RRRR project part of the GoGreen program, managed to reduce its carbon footprint in 2014 by 17, 8 percent while its base activity grew by 7,4 percent. It also had a 33,4 percent performance rate in terms of recycling paper versus the amount of paper it bought and it grew the quantity of selectively collected recyclable waste by 36 percent in 2014 compared to 2013. Moreover, through this program the level of awareness when it came to reducing impact on the environment of the DHL International RO personnel also grew.

Nominees: DHL International for Go Green Program, DPD for 11even Program.

Manager of the year

Winner: Lucian Aldescu, CEO DPD Romania – among others, DPD Romania delivered 4,8 million packages, 21 percent more than in 2013, while business of the company amounted to 75,5 million RON, 14 percent more than the previous year. As for the current year, the company has a 20 percent increase in income planned, compared to the previous year, as well as a 30 percent evolution of its car fleet and number of employees. For 18 years, Lucian Aldescu created a business from scratch, one which eventually became the best online and international distribution operator, and, which is getting ready to become the leader of Balkan Couriers in 2020, tripling its turnover. 

Nominees: Lucian ALDESCU, CEO DPD Romania; Adrian MIHAI, Managing
Partner FAN Courier; Lucian BALTARU, General Performance Manager and Sameday shareholder.

Company of the year

Winner: FAN Courier- the biggest player in the courier market in Romania, FAN Courier had an increase in turnover in 2014 compared to 2013. It went  from 63 million EUR to 75,1, that's more then 19 percent. Also, its net profit went up to 13,8 million EUR in 2014, compared to 2013's 10, 3 million EUR. Last year, the company had 1,573 employees.

Nominees: DPD Romania, FAN Courier, Sameday

The winners were selected by a specialized jury, based on the applications send in by the companies and public information available about the sector. 

The jury members of the 2015 edition were: Marius Ghenea, president of the Romanian E-Shopping Association ARMO; Alexandru Petrescu, CEO Posta Romana; Marian Seitan, President of the Direct Marketing Association; Sebastian Balasescu, former owner of Urgent Courier; Liviu Taloi Community Manager GPeC; Linda Vasilescu, Senior Associate AT Kearney, Adrian Ion, General Manager Govnet.

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