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"Priority by FAN" becomes a unique brand, part of the FAN Courier group

FAN Courirer is consolidating its position on the ultra-fast courier market, by transforming the "Priority by FAN" service into an independent brand. The service will be accessible to customers from the cities where it is available, customers who need to receive the ordered products in a maximum of 90 minutes.

Dragoș Arnăutu, Priority by FAN CEO

The ultra-fast "Priority by FAN" service is an alternative delivery method, with merchants having the opportunity to send orders to beneficiaries in the shortest possible time, locally. By accessing this service, deliveries arrive at their destination within a maximum of 90 minutes from pickup and is available for a wide range of products, from supermarket shopping, to restaurants, home&deco, electronics&IT, bookstore, pharmacy, florist, beauty&care, gifts, pet shops etc.

The ultra-fast delivery service is already available in six cities, namely Bucharest, Cluj, Timișoara, Craiova, Brașov and Iași, and will be extended to other cities in the country.

"The Priority by FAN service will function as an independent cost-profit center, from a new legal entity, FAN Priority Express", declared Dragoș Arnăutu, who also takes over the position of Priority by FAN CEO.

Naturally developed, "Priority by FAN" completes the portfolio of services offered by the parent company, FAN Courier. Thus, "Priority by FAN" will work as an ultra-fast delivery service that can be used by vendors who want to offer their customers delivery services in a very short time.

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