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ANAF - 200 billion lei total revenues in 2016, above 2015 but below revised programme

The National Agency for Tax Administration (ANAF) collected in 2016, total budgetary revenues worth 199.4 billion lei, by 2.6 billion lei above the level achieved in 2015, while revenues to the state budget were at 137.43 billion lei, a slight decrease from 137.46 billion lei the previous year, according to provisional data centralised by ANAF. But in both cases, the revenues' attainment degree is below the revised programme of November 2016, of respectively 99.8 pct in the case of total revenues and of 99.4 of budgetary revenues.

"According to provisional data centralized to the present, ANAF collected in 2016 cumulated budgetary revenues amounting to 199.4 billion lei, by 2.6 billion lei more than in 2015 and by 3.52 billion lei (1.8 pct) mote than in the programme provided for in January 2016 by budgetary laws, while the updated programme of the November 2016 revision was fulfilled in a 99.8 pct proportion. Thus, up to the present, 137.43 billion lei were collected to the state budget, as compared to 137.46 billion lei in 2015, by 3.3 pct less than the initial programme, the attainment level of the updated programme being thus, of 99.4 pct," mentions a press release sent by ANAF to Agerpress.

According to the document, from profit taxes were collected 15.38 billion lei, by 7.3 pct more than the initial programme and 0.5 pct more than the revised programme, and from revenue taxes 27.3 billion lei were collected, by 5.8 pct more as compared to the initial programme and to the revised collection programme.

"The collected Value-Added-Tax (VAT) was of 51.66 billion lei, by 0.7 pct (353 billion lei) less as compared to the initial programme and by 2 pct (1.06 billion lei) less than the revised programme. Although the standard VAT quota was reduced by 16.6 pct as to 2015, VAT collected by ANAF in 2016 is only 9.6 pct (5.46 billion) lower as to 2015, only 7 percentage points being retrieved. The standard quota was reduced from 24 pct to 20 pct starting with January 1st 2016, with a fiscal influence reflected from February, and the 9 pct reduced quota for foodstuff was applied for the entire 2016, while in 2015 this quota was applied starting with June 1st," specifies the cited release.

On the other hand, for the period under analysis, ANAF reimbursed 15 billion lei worth of VAT, by 3 billion lei less than in 2015, as a direct effect of the reduction of VAT imposition quotas and the enforcement of legal requirements in fiscal group matter, underscores the institution.

As far as excises are concerned, their collection (including the vice tax) amounted to 26.84 billion lei, by 929.4 million lei more than in 2015, a 97.8 pct achievement level of the revised programme.

For the social security benefits budgets, in 2016, 61.97 billion lei were collected, by 4.43 pct more as compared to 2015, the programme provided for by the revised annual budgetary laws being achieved in a 100.7 pct share.

At the same time, ANAF reminds contributors that January 25, 2017 is the deadline for submitting fiscal declarations and fiscal obligations' payment due for December 2016 and the fourth semester of 2016.

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