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Romanian farmers invited to join growing carbon farming movement for upcoming harvest year

Leading ag tech company Agreena, offering Europe’s leading soil carbon platform, opens 2024 harvest campaign registrations for the farmers in Romania to join the transition to regenerative agriculture and gain additional revenues. 

Agreena has paid the largest incentives to farmers under a soil carbon scheme to-date, with Romanian farmers receiving €32 per carbon certificate. Based on APIA´s field coordinates, all farmers can calculate their earning potential and enroll in the programme on the company’s website.

“Farmers from Romania can access an additional revenue stream through carbon certificates based on climate-friendly farming practices. When transitioning to regenerative practices like no or minimum tillage, cover crops, use of organic fertilizers or focus on optimal residue management, Agreena is here to support them on their journey to finance the transition to regenerative farming. We're here to help enhance both the economic and environmental success of each farmer’s business.” states Mihaela Vasile, Agreena’s Market Lead for Romania.

Agreena wins farmers’ trust over the world and Romania is one of the key markets, covering around 10 percent of Agreena’s global share. AgreenaCarbon has already paid farmers over €6,000,000 in just two short years. The company has been rapidly expanding its services to support farmers on their transition to regenerative agriculture and is active in 17 markets, with more than one million hectares that have been registered in the programme. 

“We, as growers, are pioneers in fighting climate change. As we are directly impacted by this, we should be the first ones to implement sustainable agronomic practices that help us mitigate the risks and overcome the challenges. At Frizon, we cultivate 4500 hectares and we have found in Agreena a true partner on our journey to regenerative agriculture. Investing in this direction, in appropriate tech and in improving our already advanced durable practices at Frizon, becomes not only our moral responsibility, but also a way of enhancing our business and increasing our resilience on the market.” declares Teofil Dascălu, Frizon farm. 


AgreenaCarbon was developed to help farmers finance their transition to regenerative practices. The company is a pioneer in creating nature-based soil carbon removals, developing one of the first private incentives available to farmers. The benefits of participating in the programme extend far beyond addressing climate change - delivering significant soil health benefits and simultaneously addressing the crisis of biodiversity loss and the future of food security.

Agreena’s internationally accredited and third-party validated programme quantifies the farm’s greenhouse gas reductions and carbon removals and issues the verified CO2e certificates. Farmers enrolled get to decide how they’d like to use the certificates that they generate; they can keep the certificates, trade them on the voluntary carbon market (VCM) or let Agreena sell them on their behalf. An early payout option is also available to farmers, with funding provided by Agreena before certificates are issued, to help cover their upfront costs. 

Agreena’s carbon certificates follow an IPCC-aligned rigorous scientific methodology and the world’s leading certification standards for ensuring carbon is removed. The company’s leading remote sensing MRV technology allows it to continuously monitor, verify and report on-farm practices and outcomes. 

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