Latest news’s group acquires logistics company in Slovakia

Cross-border fulfillment and logistics company continues its rapid growth, announcing a new acquisition. Slovak fulfillment operator Swiss Point Data has become the fourth company in the logistics group.

Matus Gerek, Michal Helcman and Ondrej Holik

Since HelpShip joined forces with and the previously acquired Croatian logistics company Pick&Pack, Romanian online merchants have seamless access to the comprehensive logistics portfolio of the group. This strategic partnership enables eCommerce businesses to leverage the extensive network coverage of all EU markets. With a selection of over 50 leading courier companies in Europe and more than 600 delivery methods, local businesses can now cater to the diverse needs of online users, deriving significant benefits for their operational efficiency and overall business expansion. Moreover, Helpship is now likely the only eCommerce logistics company in Romania with EU-wide deliveries and access to an international fulfillment network.

Bratislava-based Swiss Point Data is expected to contribute to the group's development with both its strategic location and its more than 20 years of experience in eCommerce fulfillment and logistics. Established in 2002, the company is currently one of the leading fulfillment providers in Slovakia, a reliable partner for a wide range of businesses - from start-up online stores to large international players. As part of the group, Swiss Point Data will be able to offer its customers the entire service portfolio of more than 50 of Europe's leading courier companies and over 600 delivery methods, thus stimulating their business growth internationally.

Stefan Popa, SEO of HelpShip, comments on the intensive business development of the’s group:

“Alongside the robust organic growth of HelpShip’s client base and operational volumes during the year we achieved significant non-organic development. We joined and now our logistics group continues to grow. For HelpShip clients, this new deal means improved conditions for deliveries to Central and Western Europe, and hence opportunities for faster and more secure business growth through our partnership.”

“"Along with the strong organic growth in the last few years, in 2023 we also experienced large-scale non-organic growth based on successfully closed acquisitions of companies in the industry. Once our competitors, these companies are now our strategic partners and part of the group. We now have business units in five European countries. The synergies of the combined group of companies result in more efficient management of the entire logistics network of We are significantly improving our service quality, transit times and are able to offer a range of new services to make our clients even more competitive in selling to international markets.” - shares Svetlozar Dimitrov, CEO of and leader of the logistics group.

Swiss Point Data will retain its current corporate structure with CEO Ondřej Holík. The new board of directors of the Slovak company includes Matus Gerek, a long-standing employee and shareholder in the company, as well as Vichren Bisset, CCO of

"Our strategic partnership with represents an important milestone in the development of our company. Swiss Point Data will expand its geographic reach and will be able to offer more diverse logistics solutions to our customers. This brings us significant opportunities for growth and innovation, which are an integral part of our strategy of enhanced international presence.” - comments Holík.

The official agreement was certified by the authorized representatives of and Swiss Point Data simultaneously in two different countries - Slovakia and Bulgaria. Consultants for the deal on behalf of euShipments were Mazars Slovakia, who conducted financial and tax due diligence, and Schoenherr Slovakia, who provided legal due diligence and deal documentation. Swiss Point Data was represented by the law firm Majerník & Miháliková.

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